My Way To Work – How I Use My Time Productively

I don’t know about you, but my way to work is way longer than I would like. First it’s 25 minutes by bus, then nearly 40 minutes on train. That is f*cking long. And I hate it. Because it feels like I waste so much time that I could invest in better things than just driving around. But now I have found a few ways to use that time in a much better way (at least when I’m awake enough).

First thing is of course reading. This does depend on wheather I’m really awake or not, otherwise I would just fall asleep, so this is more something that I do when I’m on my way home rather than my way to work. But this is time you can use to read that book you always wanted to read. Or a biography of someone you admire. Or a book about self-development on a topic that you think you could benefit from. I always like to have my Kindle with me so I can switch between books depending my mood that day. There is no reason not to read, and why not use the time you have on your way to work that you would otherwise just look out of the window?

Audio books are my alternative when I’m too tired to actually read a book. I love to listen to these nice voices reading a book I enjoy to my tired af self. I always like to close my eyes (CAUTION: you may fall asleep, happened to me more than once..) and concentrate on the story. When I’m super tired I like to listen to the Harry Potter books because they make me happy and I do not need to follow the story too mindfully since I have heard and read them many times already. They are my happy-places I go to from time to time. Or the Game of Thrones books that are just written so nice and read so well by Roy Dotrice. When I am more alive I like to listen to new books and books on self-development. When I listen to the latters I like to have my notebook on hand so I can write down phrases that inspire me or I want to think about more later on. Again, whatever relaxes & inspires you or just makes you happy.

Recently I discovered my love for podcasts and listen to them through my Spotify app. My favourite ones are on the one hand hiphop-related, comedy or on positivity and learning. It seems that I low key need someone talking to me at all times while I do not really enjoy the company of too many people. Don’t worry, I find myself strange sometimes as well. But anyways, I’m sure that you will find a podcast that you like as well because there are so many out there now, and on so many topics and some are hilarious so be careful not to laugh loudly all the time, people will think you’re crazy af. Just to warn you, you know? Anyways, podcasts are a great alternative for me when I don’t feel like reading or listening to a book and are really entertaining, so I listen to them when I’m grocery shopping, on walks or even at work. What are your favorite podcasts?

There are mornings sometimes that I feel very creative and motivated and inspired. I will then have my notebook and pen ready to write down new ideas for posts, and sometimes even the post itself when the inspiration hits me and the words start to flow. Or I write down my to do list for the day, week, month, to always have it on hand. When I feel down I do sometimes like to journal my thoughts and feelings to somehow let them go and learn what really hides behind my sadness, or loneliness or anxiety. I don’t know why, but it relieves me a lot to write all of that down and try to see the reasons for my feelings. A happier topic I use to brainstorm about on my way to work is food. Are you surprised? I’m sure as hell not. I like to scroll though pinterest and pin the recipes I want to try out and plan them out in my notebook so I have something I can refer to. I love Pinterest in general because you have everything there. From home-decor to gardening to art to recipes to self-development to beauty to.. you get it, right? There. Is. Everything. You. Will. Ever. Need. Trust me, I’ve spend so many hours already on that app that you would think I’ve seen it all.

All I want so say with this post is that you shouldn’t just waste your time day after day after day by just looking out of the windows and thinking about nothing. This is time you can use effectively for yourself to plan, get inspired, get entertained or to educate yourself. Why waste it?
And what’s your favorite way to use the time on your way to work?

With that beind said…

Peace out xo

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25 years old and living near Hamburg with my beloved man, our two cats and our dog. And I am goint to take you on a journey with me through my life on a way to a better self. So stay tuned.

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