My Morning Routine For Early Mornings

So now that I’m getting up at 5 am every morning I really try to implement a routine for my mornings so it gets easier to start in the day because I’m struggling with waking up a lot now. Getting used to it is harder than I thought since I couldn’t get as much sleep on the weekend than I would have without my little Early March Challenge and now have to conquer the week on a very tired level of motivation. Since this is my fifth day of the challenge I feel like I have now found a routine that will work very well for me and wanted to share that with you guys.

My alarm goes off at 5 am now. As I said, I feel like shit at this time and that hasn’t changed yet. I hope it will soon because I really am not in a good mood for the first hours of my day and sometimes even the entire day. Not what I hoped for, but lets wait and see how this will turn out after 31 days. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I start the coffee machine that will give me the only thing that can keep me awake. Since I can’t really eat so early I mostly just eat a few grapes or an apple and have my breakfast later at appraximately 9 am. With my coffee, my phone and a notebook I sit down at our dining table so slowly ease into the day. I’ll read the news, check my messages and mails, and write down a to do list for the day. You guys have no idea how much I like making lists. It helps me organize my day, week, month a lot. I also love to swipe through Pinterest to find a new recipe I would like to try or any other inspiration I will need at that morning. And most likely I will have another coffee. At least one. The struggle is real. That I’ll do every morning.

After that I’m mostly awake and get ready for work if it’s my early shift or if I have to be out the door later I’ll set everything up for writing or studying depending what I feel like that exact morning. I put the phone away for that time to not disctract myself what is probably what was the reason why I didn’t get shit done all the time. I put everything I will need in front of me so I don’t have to get up and distract myself on the way what also happened more than once to me. I get distracted easily, don’t judge me, I’m like a goldfish. I get a fresh hot cup of coffee, yes I drink too much of it but otherwise I would need a nap at that point. I get my headphones when I’ll study to listen to soft accoustic music that helps me concentrate for whatever reason. My notebook is always next to me, for the past month it has been my favorite and most used item. I’ll put on my wax melt warmer with one of the Yankee Candle Tarts. Their store is probably one of my most often visited ones and I always stay there for way longer than I had anticipated. I love love love their candles and tarts. I own a little collection of them and enjoy it a lot being in a room that smells like vanilla cupcakes. Sometimes I’ll get a little snack like some cut veggies or apple slices and wrap myself in a nice warm blanket and sit down for nearly 2-3 hours of work. Either I have to get to work at this point or I have a day off and can now have some nice time to relax.

When I feel like needing a brake I wake my dog, feed him, make myself a tea in a to-go cup and take him for a walk. Getting outside helps me clearing my mind after working on my studies or my blog and mentally preparing for the tasks I have yet to finish. The fresh air, the movement and spending time with my dog makes me happy and gives me new energy for my long to-do list. As soon as we’re back home I make myself a nice breakfast, pour myself a cup of tea and mostly watch Youtube videos while eating. And I really take my time here and relax a bit before I’ll start on my to-do list.

Since my boyfriend is self-employed and likes to go to bed in the middle of the night, he will sleep till 10 or 11 am. For that reason I always use to tackle the quietest tasks on my to-do list first and prepare everything for breakfast for when he wakes up. And that is mostly my morning routine. I think I will switch things up sometimes for when I’m not in the mood for studying or writing but all in all I’m sticking to this. Like that I get a lot of things done and have more time of the day for more enjoyable activities like long walks, reading, selfcare or quality-time with my boyfriend. And I always like to get everything done as early as possible and then look forward to that time that everything is done and my me-time starts. What morning routine do you follow? Maybe you inspire me to put something else in my routine!

With that being said…

Peace out xo

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25 years old and living near Hamburg with my beloved man, our two cats and our dog. And I am goint to take you on a journey with me through my life on a way to a better self. So stay tuned.

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