How I Treat Myself After A Long Week Of Work

Thank god, the weekend has finally begun! Work can be very hard sometimes especially when you’ve been getting up at 5 am every morning for 9 days now. It feels like I’m finally starting to adjust to that but that doesn’t mean it is easy. That is why I like to treat myself to really relax and let go of all the stress the week had caused. And here I’m going to show you my favorite ways!

I love long walks since I have my dog. I use the time to listen to a nice audio book or my favorite podcasts or just enjoy the time with my dog. Since I live in the middle of nowhere there are plenty of options to go to but I end up on the fields most of the time, just sitting there, watch my dog play and enjoy the fresh air. On weekends we use to to two big rounds with him, each 1-1 1/2 hours and I’m looking forward to it the whole week! Breathing in the cold air and walking for hours calms me a lot so that is a huge part of treating myself and letting go of all the stress.

Treating means eating, at least in my world. As you probably have noticed a big part of my life evolves around food. I love to cook or bake and more than that I love to eat! So on weekend I usually make something really delicious and nice and more elaborate than I would do on a normal workday since I have way more time. I love to browse though Pinterest and look for new recipes and ideas and I’ll do it for hours if nobody stops me. I can’t explain why but it is somehow so satisfying to look at food and home decor and gardening ideas and outfit inspo… Everything I love I’ll pin and on weekends I usually try at least one new recipe. Or I’ll bake something new and enjoy the smell that fills up the house and warms my heart. It is crazy what big part of my life evolves around food. When I’m not eating I’m thinking about what to eat next.

Another way of treating myself are long baths! When I was younger I hated taking baths, I was a total shower person. It felt like wasting time sitting in hot water for long time. I was young and stupid, obviously. Almost every weekend I draw a bath and sit there for one to two hours and relax. I have a little ritual I follow every time. I always use either a bath bomb from Lush or other bath supplement like salts and oils to give my skin some love. To give myself some love – what only sounds dirty if you have a dirty mind, it’s not on me – I set up my laptop with the series I’m watching at that point (right now it’s again Game of Thrones since the last season premieres in April!), grab some tea and some water and a snack. Yes, you’ve read that one right. I eat in the bathtub. Check out my favorite vegan snacks if you want to see what I take with me. Sometimes I like to listen to audio books as well and just close my eyes and dive into the story. And the time in the bathtub is actually the only time I put on facemasks and hairmasks since I’m simply too lazy to do it more often. But since I’m sitting in the tub I can just as well put on a damn mask right? And my skin feels very nice and fresh after it, all the dirt of the week washen of.

I mostly every day have an early night but on weekends I love to lie in bed at 7 pm and watch a great movie or series and snack (you see, I’m always eating). Or I read a nice book, light come scented candles and go to sleep early. And my boyfriend and I really enjoy this together and like to cuddle up in a nice blanket and watch a movie together. For me this quality time with him is probably what I look forward to the most since our schedule isn’t really giving us too much time we can spend together. And it is really important to allow yourself the time off. You need to give yourself time to recover and relax. Work can really get into our personal lives when we are constantly thinking about it and that can have a huge impact on your heath. Sleeping and treating yourself will take all that stress from you and I promise you that you’ll feel better and feel more calm during the next week. So how do you treat yourself?

With that being said…

Peace out xo

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25 years old and living near Hamburg with my beloved man, our two cats and our dog. And I am goint to take you on a journey with me through my life on a way to a better self. So stay tuned.

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