Book of the Month – March 2019

This month I really was into thrillers and crime stories and heard several of them. I say heard, since I did not even touch a book this month because I am so in love with audio books at the moment. Audible is one of the best things that has happened to me. Especially because you can get through a ton of books while getting other stuff done, and this girl needs to multitask since the day has only 24 hours. I don’t want to not read, so audio books are perfect for me. Do you love them as much as I do?

My favorite book this month is “Lie to me” written by J. T. Ellison and read by Matthew Waterson, Saskia Maarleveld, Sarah Naughton and Julia Whelan who read this as captivating and as exciting as you could wish for. Love it, it really sucked me in deep on this story that is somehow so close to everyone elses life but yet so far away. And I feel that this is what made me love this book so much. It really shows you that nothing is as perfect as it seems and that everybody could have a deep dark secret.

I really dives in in the dark side of the marriage between two people that seem to have the perfect relationship, at least that is what everybody else around them is thinking while they see that there is something. Liar, betrayal, jealousy, and a lost child are the reality to that idyllic looking life. There are so many dark twists that I got through these 11 hours in two days because I needed to know how it ends. It is written perfectly. And I enjoy that they used more than one reader, it enhances the different sides to the story in my opinion and kind of makes it even a little bit darker. This book really sucked me in.

I will look for more books from J.T. Ellison since I enjoyed her style of writing a lot and look forward to my next new favorite book!

Have you read this book? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to leave suggestions for other books as well, I’m always on the hunt.

With that being said…

Peace out xo

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25 years old and living near Hamburg with my beloved man, our two cats and our dog. And I am goint to take you on a journey with me through my life on a way to a better self. So stay tuned.

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