Social Media Break aka. Setting Priorities

Yes, that is what I’m going to talk to you about. For that I need you to stop taking pictures for the Gram for a minute. You can answer to that comment later. Don’t check your makeup, you’re looking good. Just try to stay with me for a bit. Even though some random chick posted her 5th #ootd (outfit of the day, for those few out there who don’t know that since there are a million things more important to know, but that seems to be the way the cool kids talk nowadays). But let’s get started.

As you might have noticed, or not, I haven’t been posting on IG or here for a little over a month now. That is for some people the longest time without social media and means “social death” to them. But I am actually trying to get my priorities straight. There was a lot going on university related and that was already enough to stress about. And that is social media to me. Stress. A lot of it. Writing posts is kind of therapeutic but all that comes with it is stressful to me. Taking pictures fitting the blogposts, that don’t look as if taken with my phone, since I’m a broke ass bitch and can’t afford a good camera. Taking nice pictures for the Gram to get my followers up so my blog gets out into the world. Finding places that fit into my color scheme that I try to maintain in my feed while I am a person that doesn’t leave the house that often for a lot of reasons. Doing all of that alone since I’m having nobody who takes pictures of me, because I haven’t told anyone about this blog-project yet and trying to keep it that way. Yes, I am that insecure. Don’t judge me.

Reading that you should starting to understand why social media is kind of a burden for me. I wanted to start this blog for therapeutic purposes. It helps me to write down what’s going on inside of me, around me and so on. And if I can make anybody smile with that, or help someone who feels the same way or shares my view on things, it makes me happy and feel better about myself. Does that make any sense? It gives me some kind of a purpose it you want to call it that way. And it makes me reevaluate a lot of things that I’m doing, saying, feeling and putting out into the world. It does make me become a better version of myself. Why I need a blog for that is something I myself don’t really understand but I feel good about it for now. But I didn’t realize what blogging would mean in other parts of my life. Social media is the best way to get people read this blog but it is so hard to do if you already are a busy person. I have a part time job and am going to finish my Bachelor this year. I have a boyfriend, two cats and a dog that is 10 months old and needing a lot of attention. That is already enough to stress about, right? But I decided that a blog and a Instagram account for it would be a good idea. Stupid me.

What I needed is to figure out how all of this could work together and still leaving me time to sleep, because I felt like the day needed to have at least five more hours. That is probably the real reason why I started #myearlymarchchallenge because I felt like I could never get it all done if I didn’t wake up at an unholy hour. And I felt drained by it even if I am a nobody in the social media world, I have no idea how influencers manage all that. So I took a month off. I concentrated on my life. University, my relationship, starting with fitness and getting more healthy, the training of our dog, keeping the house organized for a more clear mind. It was all about getting my shit together basically. Being happy and more confident in what I already have to do makes me feel like I can now slowly get back on track with this little project of mine. But this time I will concentrate on myself and my well being first, not letting the pressure of social media dictate my day. I will post whenever I feel like it and whatever I feel like. My first priority is me. And you will see more of that in the future. I always felt the need to take pictures that are obviously Insta-worthy if you know what I mean. From now on you will only see pictures that are straight out of my life, not pretending to have that influencer-like life, because that is definitely not happening here.

And I think that is our problem nowadays. We see all that content that is beautiful and pleasant to look at and showing a beautiful life that seems to be perfect, not really thinking about what is behind all that. It is a lot of work to create that content, and it is often not showing the reality of that person. That subconsciously puts pressure on others who feel the need to live that life they saw online, doing the same things, spending money on things that were promoted by their favorite influencer while not truly thinking about it. Content creators need to be more mindful about what content they put out there and how that influences their followers mindset. So you will only get the real and raw stuff here from now on. Let’s see how this will work for us.

With that being said…

Peace out xo


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25 years old and living near Hamburg with my beloved man, our two cats and our dog. And I am goint to take you on a journey with me through my life on a way to a better self. So stay tuned.

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