My attempt on getting more healthy

I didn’t think that I would ever publicly announce that but… I started doing fitness. Unbelievable, right? Of course you don’t know me, but if you would know me you’d know that I hate sports. Sweating is gross to me. Moving means real effort and that sounds exhausting. Yes, I am lazy. In all aspects of life. And this year I decided to become the best version of myself so I’m changing that.

Last year I already started my health journey with a plant-based diet. Because of the holidays in the end of the year I was becoming less strict about it and am until now not fully vegan. Since my boyfriend is a huge meat-enthusiast it’s not always easy to think of something to cook that is a good filling vegan meal for me where he just needs to cook himself some meat and we don’t really enjoy the same foods. That is probably the hardest part of that vegan journey for me, because I always have these non vegan options at home, and I’m a weak hungry woman. Breakfast is the easiest for me since I love avocado toasts, but when it comes to dinner or snacking I start struggling. And I am eating out way too much and the quickest options aren’t always the healthiest and mostly not vegan. I haven’t gotten to that point where I prepare my food and know where exactly I could get which vegan option, so that eating on the go is a problem. And expensive. Most of my financial problems would get solved if I would just eat what’s in my fridge, to be honest, but I love food. A lot.

But this fitness trend that’s been going on for quite some time has me thinking if I should jump on that train. Don’t get me wrong, it is not to be skinny or anything like that. This is just for me being and feeling more healthy. Of course I’m not completely happy with my body, but looking better is just a nice side effect for me. I’m already skinny, but flabby. I don’t really have a form and have no muscle at all. And that’s what’s going to change now. I started jogging with an app (5K Runner for those interested) twice a week, or whenever I feel like it actually. I can’t believe I already had a moment when I WANTED to go for a run. Well, that was a totally new feeling for me. And my body needs cardio since I wasn’t active my whole life basically. In addition to that I started doing HIIT and let me tell you, HIIT is a bitch. First I started with youtube videos but somehow it takes away the “fun” for me because these trainers are so super excited while I like to train and suffer in silence and nearly every video contains exercises that I am really bad at what demotivates me a lot. So I made my own HIIT workout plan that I try to stick to, and maybe if I feel more comfortable with it and don’t feel like dying anymore I will share it with you, if you are interested (tell me in the comments!).

That is my plant-based diet and my fitness journey. Another area needing improvement is my mental health and anxiety. I’m really trying to get into routines, but I struggle. Don’t ask me why, cause I don’t know. Keeping a night time routine or a morning routine or just any kind of routine is so damn hard for me, but I think it could help me get my shit together, you know. Another thing is a habit tracker app (Day by Day, for those interested) that I implemented for me, to make sure I do the things that are good for me and do realize when and how and why I don’t do them. Maybe that’ll help me, maybe not, but its worth giving a shot in my eyes. Since I overthink every aspect if my life I want to try being more relaxed and not being as hot tempered when little things are not going as I wished or planned. I need to accept things that I can’t change, have the courage to change what can be changed and need the wisdom to decide which one it is, as said in the bible I think. I think I heard that in a TV series, where should in know where it comes from or how it is actually said. The drama needs to stop, if you want to put it the easy way. Calm down, girl. Not as easy as it sounds, but I’m working on it. Yes, all of that is a lot to work on. I’ll keep you updated how that journey goes, mostly on my Instagram but I’ll try to do some posts about it here as well.

With that being said…

Peace out xo


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25 years old and living near Hamburg with my beloved man, our two cats and our dog. And I am goint to take you on a journey with me through my life on a way to a better self. So stay tuned.

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